Hello! My name is Christoph Kinkeldey.

I am a researcher, lecturer, and developer in visualization.
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I am passionate about research, teaching, and software development in the field of geovisualization and visual analytics with over 15 years of professional experience in research and industry. Holding a PhD on the topic of uncertainty visualization in geoinformatics I am leveraging knowledge and principles from cartography for interactive visual data analysis and interpretable machine learning. My main research interest is how visual communication of uncertainty can support people to gain a better understanding of complex information.

  • Data visualization
  • Geovisualization and Cartography
  • Uncertainty visualization
  • Uncertainty-aware Visual Analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Geodata analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Software development
  • Frontend (Javascript, D3.js)
  • Backend (Python)